Best Coffee in Florence and Cincinnati

There are two things that are necessary for life to exist on this planet. The first is oxygen, and the second is coffee. Whether you’re a traditional brew, french press, pour over, or espresso kind of coffee drinker, there’s always a new place to explore for your next cup of java. Here are seven unique coffee shops to try for a new take on your favorite drink.

Jet Coffee

Conveniently located in the center of Florence, this double-sided drive-up coffee shop is the perfect quick pitstop on your morning commute. It’s easy to see why folks consider it a local gem. With a long list of their own delicious creations such as Crème Brûlée (mocha with caramel) and Jet Fuel (six shots of espresso with Irish cream), you’ll never get bored, and service is always provided with a smile.

1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab

If everyone in your party wants a nightcap, but you’d rather have a steaming cup of late-night joe, the best compromise is to visit 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab. You can pop in and out quickly with their fast service, but if you decide to stay and enjoy the atmosphere inside, the staff will be happy to add alcoholic shots to any of their coffee drinks. Don’t miss their live jazz duo on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Coffee Please

There are so many features at this coffee shop; it’s hard to list them all. If you aren’t lured in by the large deli cases of delicious baked goods or the long wall of fresh-roasted coffee beans for sale, you will still enjoy the menu of traditional coffee favorites. To support your fellow needy coffee drinkers, they will let you pay ahead for someone else to receive a free drink. Don’t worry; their loyalty points mean you get free drinks too!

Corner Coffee Cafe

Stepping into this coffee shop is like stepping into your own home—if your home had friendly servers making you delicious coffee that is. This is the place to sit, unwind, and take your time. With multiple changing specials for breakfast (Saturdays only), lunch, dinner, and dessert there’s no reason to settle for just coffee.

Velocity Bike & Bean

Don’t let the name fool you; this is way more than a bike shop! While they do sell and service bikes, they also take their coffee very seriously. They use locally roasted beans from Carabello Coffee (Newport, KY) and One Line Coffee (Columbus, OH). Grab a book from their library or surf their wifi for a bit while you sip a tasty custom drink. Drop by on Saturday mornings to hear local acoustic bands and artists.

Biggby Coffee

With locations scattered across the Midwest, it’s easy to see why this coffee chain has exploded. Baristas are known for giving high-5s to people who come in their pajamas, and they’ll soon know your favorite drink by heart. They’ve got hot coffee, iced coffee, frozen coffee, tea, smoothies, hot chocolate and more! Try the location in Florence or Fort Mitchell. Both stores are franchised by local owners meaning you get the same great coffee, but with unique services at each location.

Carabello Coffee

If you see a line out the door here, don’t panic. The service is quick, and the coffee is so worth it! This family business started roasting beans in their garage in 2009 and have since grown into a major Midwest coffee supplier. You can sip your drink happily, knowing your coffee obsession is supporting orphans in Nicaragua. Make a special visit to the recently opened Analog Bar; an interactive coffee experience with unique drinks made custom for you by artisanal baristas.