The best scary houses to visit this October in Florence, KY

It doesn’t really start feeling like Halloween until you visit a few haunted attractions. Luckily for those in the Florence, KY area, there are tons of haunted options in the surrounding Kentucky and Ohio cities.

Even if you don’t typically enjoy scary sites, many of these attractions feature “lights on” tour dates where you can enjoy a toned down version of haunted attraction. Whether you’re ready to take on the most extreme jumpscares or need some convincing to take on a lights on night, these haunted attractions are sure to get you in the Halloween spirit.

If you live in the Florence, KY area, check out this list of the best scary attractions to visit this October:

The Mayhem Mansion

Located nearby in Morningview, KY, The Mayhem Mansion is open for the 2018 season with even more attractions than last year. Along with the the haunted house, The Mayhem Mansion is now offering the “Terror in the Woods” zombie paintball and shooting range attraction throughout the entire season and an “Extreme Night” on November 3rd.

General admission is $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for kids with upgrades such as fast passes and discounted re-entry available for purchase as well. If you’re looking for a spooky night with lots of activities to keep you busy, The Mayhem Mansion is the place for you!

The USS Nightmare

Looking for a more nautical haunted experience? Try out The USS Nightmare tours in Newport, KY.  Each tour lasts over a half hour, making this one of the longest haunted house tours in the Florence area. During your time aboard the ship you’ll be able to explore two decks and relive the horrendous Massacre on the Mitchell.

This haunted house is definitely one of the best around; it’s so scary that 15% of people who visit “jump ship” before making it to the end. For young children or for the faint of heart, The USS Massacre offers a Lights On Matinee in October.

The Dent Schoolhouse

This haunted attraction is located right across the Kentucky-Ohio border and is repeatedly voted one of the best haunted attractions in the United States! Before the 1950s, Dent Public School was one of the top public schools in the area. The school eventually closed down because of the murders of many students by a disgruntled janitor.

At the Dent Schoolhouse attraction, you will learn all about the stories of what took place in the early 1950s and go on a dramaticized haunted tour of the school. For those looking for a ghostly experience, they also offer a ghost tour that’s said to be haunted by the spirits of the janitor and the late students.

Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall

The Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall is also located just across the Kentucky-Ohio border. The hall has been open since 1990, and has evolved over the years to include the additional scary scenes it has today. Your admission to Mt. Healthy includes a tour of the house, four tents, backyard area, a giant vortex and over 20 other scenes.

Not only is this haunted attraction a good, spooky time, but you can feel good about the fact that admissions fee goes towards supporting local charities. They oftentimes offer discounted admission rates for those who bring canned food items.

With all these options, you’ll have a hard time picking just one to go to! Are you brave enough to go to them all? Let us know what your favorite haunted attractions are in the Florence, KY area!