How to Meet New People in Your Neighborhood

Moving to a new neighborhood or community can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t know any of the current residents. While meeting new people can be an intimidating task, it’s an important step to take in order to feel comfortable and at home in your new environment. If you’re unsure where to start or how best to put yourself out there, we’ve compiled a list of foolproof ways to meet new people in your area.

Head next door and introduce yourself

While it sounds uncomfortable, walking up to your neighbor’s front door and simply saying hello is a fantastic way to start a friendly relationship. Heading over to their turf demonstrates your openness and desire to meet new people, and also alleviates any potential awkward meet-and-greets in the hallway or the sidewalk. This conversation does not have to be longer than five minutes, but a simple introduction is worth your while.

Attend community events

Nothing brings people together like the prospect of free food. Most apartment communities and neighborhoods host get-togethers or events specifically for residents, many of which include snacks and drinks. Attending an event like this is a great place to mingle and meet other residents in a more comfortable environment.

Hang out by the pool

If the weather’s nice, grab a towel and some sunscreen and head on down to the community pool. Whether you take your kids, invite some friends, or go by yourself, try to strike up a conversation with community members around you.

Take advantage of the community garden

If you enjoy gardening, start a plot in the community garden. Not only will you be indulging in a hobby, and hopefully harvesting some fresh produce or flowers, but you’ll most likely meet some residents who share your interest as well.

Go to an event in town

Many apartment communities and neighborhoods keep their residents up-to-date on various events and happenings that are going on in the area. Keep an eye on this calendar of events and look for something that strikes your interest. From here, you can either invite a neighbor to tag along or fly solo. Either way, getting involved in community events is a surefire way to meet new people.

Volunteer with a local charity

If you’re passionate about a charity or an organization, chances are someone else is too. Through volunteering, you are simultaneously working for a good cause, as well as meeting people who share that passion. You’ll come out of the experience knowing you helped the community and made a few friends along the way.

Invite neighbors over

If you’re more of a homebody or you’re just really proud of how you’ve decorated your apartment, invite some neighbors over for a get-together or a housewarming. Whether it takes the form of a dinner party, a watch party, or simply an informal gathering, inviting people into your space is a way for you to feel comfortable while getting to know people at the same time.