How To Prepare Your Apartment for Vacation

Whether you are heading back to your hometown or jetting off to a new big city, leaving your apartment vacant for a few days or a few weeks can leave your mind racing. If you are going to leave your apartment unoccupied for some time, here are a few tips to keep your apartment in good condition in your absence and ready for your smooth return.

Departure Checklist

Clean Out Your Fridge

Items such as milk and fresh fruit and vegetables will easily expire while you are on your trip. If you are gone for a short time, just throw the items out or give them away to a neighbor If you are enjoying a longer vacation, you have two choices: either unplug your refrigerator and leave the door open to prevent odor and mold or to keep it running, but fill it with water bottles so that it will run efficiently. Wipe away any spills that are still fresh. Use a multiple surfaces cleaner for a quick and easy clean that will leave your fridge shining.

Unplug and Reset the Thermostat

Temporarily adjust the thermostat so the air-conditioner or heater won’t waste energy by running an empty house. Set it to a minimum of 55 degrees so you won’t be wasting energy. You will save more on your monthly energy bill by doing this! Unplug any appliances in preparation for your vacation.

Hold Mail and Newspapers

Call your local post office and newspaper carrier to put your mail and newspaper on hold, or forward them to another address, so they won’t pile up in front in front of your home and leave you up to security issues.

Leave A Light On

If you are only gone for a short trip, make sure to leave a few lamps on throughout your home. This will make it look occupied from the outside. If you are gone for a longer time frame, use timers. Inexpensive automatic timers that can turn your lights on and off in intervals. You also should call your landlord and neighbors letting them know that you will be gone and to keep an eye on your apartment.

Do A Load of Laundry

Wash and put away laundry before you leave. This will leave you with less stress and less laundry to do once you are back from your vacation.

Ready Your Pets

Find a pet sitter or boarding facility and give them detailed care instructions. It is important to give your caretaker all of your pet’s favorite foods, treats, toys and medicines. Usually, your pet will act of character when you are gone, so it is best to comfort them with all of the things that remind them of you and home.

Return Checklist

Plan for Your Breakfast

After you have cleaned out your fridge, stock your kitchen with cold cereal, coffee or a frozen meal. This will make sure your return from vacation will be hassle free.

Keep the House Smelling Fresh

Buy a scented plug-in to place in one of your home’s outlets. When you walk in the door back from your vacation, you will be hit with a smell of freshness. It will provide a welcoming environment.

Clean and Change Your Sheets

Take off your current bed sheets and give them a good wash. Place fresh sheets on your bed, so that your first night back will be fresh and comforting.

Tidy the House

Sweep or vacuum your apartment’s floors. Do the dishes and wipe down the counters in the bathroom and kitchen. You don’t want to come home to a dirty apartment and be stressed out by jumping back into cleaning your apartment that has been vacant for a while with bacteria and germs festering.